Risk Assessments

Why do Risk Assessments ?

Risk assessment is crucial in preventing accidents and achieving success in managing health and safety. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require that a ‘suitable and sufficient’ risk assessment is carried out prior to work commencing. If it is found not to have been carried out, particularly if an accident has occurred, then you may face enforcement or prosecution.

What is a Risk Assessment ?

A ‘suitable and sufficient’ risk assessment involves the careful and systematic examination of working procedures, practices and environment to identify hazards and the level of risk, and then evaluates the existing control measures to determine if they are sufficient for the risk. If not then the assessment shall make recommendations to either change the existing measures, or introduce new measures to remove the risk, or reduce it to an acceptable level.

What can Smith Safety Solutions do for you ?

  • Carry out general task based risk assessments according to recognised codes of practice.
  • Review the effectiveness of existing risk assessments methods.
  • Provide detailed reports and action plans of prioritised recommendations.
  • In addition we can carry out more specialised assessments including:
  • Hazardous Substance (COSHH) Assessments
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Manual Handling Assessments
  • Workstation and Display Screen Equipment (VDU) Assessments

What are the benefits ?

  • Independent identification and evaluation of risks.
  • Prioritised recommendations for improvements
  • Straightforward demonstration of compliance with legislation.