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Health and safety services in Darlington

At Smith Safety Solutions we offer a range of health and safety services for your business in Darlington or the Teesside area, delivered at a time and pace to suit your needs. From policies and procedures to risk assessments and safety inspections, we are here to help, providing strategies and advice to help create a safer work environment for you and your staff. 

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Keeping your business safe with expert solutions

Our health and safety services play a crucial role in advising organisations on maintaining safe and compliant work environments. We assess workplace hazards, develop safety protocols, and ensure adherence to regulatory standards. By conducting risk assessments, providing training, and implementing preventative measures, our consultants contribute to the overall well-being of employees and the prevention of workplace accidents. Our expertise spans various industries, helping businesses prioritise health and safety whilst minimising risks and liabilities in the overall system.

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Policy and procedures

Having successful health and safety records is extremely important for organisations aiming to create a secure and compliant workplace environment. At Smith Safety Solutions, we offer our advice and expertise in the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of comprehensive health and safety policies, tailored to the specific needs of the business. These policies help to outline guidelines for risk assessments, accident prevention, emergency responses, and compliance with relevant regulations. Regular reviews and updates are conducted to align with changing regulations, emerging risks, and industry best practice, ensuring a dynamic and effective framework for maintaining a healthy and secure workplace.
What we do for you:

  • Review your current policy and procedures against legal standards and industry best practice.

  • Design a policy tailored to your company and business that meets your legal requirements.

  • Develop an implementation and training package for your managers and staff.

  • Carry out an annual review and revision so your policies are up to date with current standards and practices.


Risk assessments

Health and safety risk assessments are instrumental in safeguarding both employees and organisations, helping to prevent accidents and manage individuals' overall safety. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 requires that a suitable and sufficient risk assessment is carried out prior to work commencing. This involves a systematic evaluation of workplace conditions, activities, and potential hazards to identify and mitigate risks effectively. Our team conduct thorough assessments, considering factors such as equipment and procedures relevant to your specific business.
What we do for you:

  • Carry out general task-based risk assessments according to recognised codes of practice.

  • Review the effectiveness of existing risk assessments methods.

  • Provide detailed reports and action plans of prioritised recommendations.

  • In addition, we can carry out more specialised assessments including:

    • Hazardous Substance (COSHH) Assessments

      Fire Risk Assessments

      Manual Handling Assessments

      Workstation and Display Screen Equipment (VDU) Assessments

Building surveyor in high visibility vest carrying work folders and spectacles on a building site
Two men with plan wearing safety vests talking in building under construction

Safety audits and inspections

Safety audits and inspections is a critical component of proactive risk management within a business, helping to identify hazards before they can cause any harm. Our team help carry out a systematic examination of workplace conditions, practices, and protocols to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations. As trained inspectors we assess various aspects, including the equipment, facilities, and employee adherence to safety procedures. Having regular audits can help provide valuable insights for continuous improvements, addressing emerging risks and preventing future accidents. 
What we do for you: 

  • A comprehensive and systematic examination of your overall management system or specific procedures or operations.

  • Site visits to gather information and review documentation.

  • Interviews with key personnel, including line managers and shop floor staff.

  • In addition, we can provide a number of alternative inspection formats, including workplace inspections, activity specific surveys and general housekeeping inspections.

Incident investigations

Incident investigations are a crucial element in understanding, analysing, and learning from previous workplace incidents. Following an unexpected event our team at Smith Safety Solutions will conduct thorough investigations to determine the root cause of the accident and any contributing factors. This involves gathering evidence, speaking to those involved and analysing the workplace to identify areas of improvement, helping to implement corrective actions and prevent similar occurrences in the future. The incident investigation plays a pivotal role in fostering safer and more resilient work environments by addressing fundamental factors that lead to such incidents. 
What we do for you:

  • Carry out an independent and impartial accident investigation focused on causes, not blame.

  • Provide a detailed report of findings with corrective actions and recommendations.

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fire brigade fire engine

Fire safety and risk assessments 

At Smith Safety Solutions we are experts in fire safety, carrying out fire risk assessments to ensure the safety of both occupants and assets within a building. As trained professionals in our field we conduct a systematic evaluation of potential fire hazards, evacuation procedures, and the effectiveness of fire safety measures. By thoroughly assessing factors such as the building layout, emergency exits, and fire detection systems we can help develop fire safety plans for a business, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and standards. Regular reviews and updates to these assessments are essential to address changes in occupancy, building use, and fire safety standards, helping your business maintain a proactive and effective approach to fire risk management. 
What we do for you:

  • A systematic examination of your premises and practices to identify fire hazards, fire warning and protection systems, appliances, and escape routes.

  • A thorough review of emergency procedures, systems, documentation, inspection, and maintenance regimes.

  • Develop a custom emergency plan covering fire precaution systems and evacuation procedures tailored to your business and premises.

  • Develop and implement appropriate training packages for your management and staff both in emergency procedures and general fire safety.

Fire safety

For expert health and safety services in Darlington or Teesside, look no further than Smith Safety Solutions! Get in touch today on 07913 330239


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