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Health and safety consultant in Darlington

Looking for an experienced health and safety consultant in Darlington or the Teesside area? At Smith Safety Solutions we cover all your health and safety and fire safety needs, supporting your business with our effective solutions.

About Smith Safety Solutions

Here at Smith Safety Solutions, we are an independent consultancy firm with a team of experienced health and safety consultants, specialising in a range of business sectors from hospitality and service, to engineering and manufacturing. In any workplace, health and safety is extremely important and can often be overlooked due to busy schedules, high-pressured environments, and tight budgets. However, the health and safety of your workers should be a priority, which is why we play a crucial role in advising businesses on maintaining safe and compliant work settings. We focus on each client's individual health and safety needs, offering fully effective solutions that meet the unique requirements of each business.


Whether you need a full health and safety management system, help with policies and procedures, a one off risk assessment, or a fire safety survey, we are here to help. We guarantee attention to detail and straightforward advice to help you improve your day to day safety. Simply get in touch today to get started on creating a safer working environment!

Our effective heath and safety services

  • Every year in the UK around 250 people die through work related incidents and a further 150,000 suffer serious injury

  • Beneath every serious injury there are 10 minor injuries and 30 property damage incidents

  • For every £1 you recover through insurance there is between £8 and £36 you can’t

For a health and safety consultant you can trust with your business needs in Darlington or Teesside, contact Smith Safety Solutions today on 07913 330239 and speak to a member of our team!


07913 330239

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